How do I care for my polymer clay earrings?

It is extremely important that you read these care instructions, if followed correctly, your earrings will remain in great condition.

-In order to extend the life of your jewelry, store in a clean and dry place.
-Do not store in a bag with other objects as the piece might be damaged.
-Use a baby or make-up wipe, soft wet cloth to remove dirt, make-up stains, etc.
-Do not wear in the shower or in the pool/water. Water WILL damage your earrings.
-Do not bend with strong force. Although durable, your earrings can break.
-Do not leave in the heat, under the sun or in the car.
-Keep away from chemicals, creams, oils, and perfumes.
-When traveling, ensure that your earrings are properly packaged and away from other earrings and items that may damage your pair.

-Please do not store underneath heavy objects.